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Paintball games

Our monitors are continuously imagining and creating different games. Here is a list of the most popular games.

If you have a new idea, don’t hesitate to tell him about it.

Conquer the fort

A fort structure is located within the field. You will have to conquer it in a given time. To reach it before your enemies, you must be alert and eliminate them. Remember to touch the structure without being reached by any player of the opposing team.

Ultimately, each team will leave their forts with a set time to complete the mission. This time may vary depending on the number of people participating, so it will be defined at the beginning of the game.

Those in charge will place flags in the center of the field and give the signal to start the game. The team that is able to conquer the enemy’s fort will win. In the event that no group succeeds, the group with the most flags in its fort at the end of the game wins.

You will release adrenaline to the fullest with this paintball game!

Central flag

Grab the flag placed in the center of the field without being caught by the enemy!

The two teams will stand on their field, one team facing the other and we will place a flag in the middle of the field. The mission is simple, you must take the flag and bring it to your field without being overtaken by the opponents. To do this, you must work as a team, one of you will be in charge of taking the flag and the rest of your team will have to defend it so that it arrives safely to its field.

Will you be able to reach the center of the field?

The infiltrator

Each team will have an infiltrator marked with an armband who will attempt to cross the border. This should be done while exiting behind each of your flags.

To better understand the game we will describe it in more detail on the playing field. This is because it is a secret mission.

Will you discover the infiltrator?

Hunting the groom or escorting the king

A different kind of bachelor party where you will have to choose sides.

The idea of this game is to make two sides. One of them will be in charge of protecting the groom while the other group must escort him. As you can imagine, hours of fun are guaranteed while each side defends its interests. In addition, to succeed in hunting or escorting will require hard work and teamwork – will you be able to handle everything on your own?

Military base touching the opposite base
The objective is similar to the previous modalities. On this occasion, you will have to touch the opponent’s base without being reached by the enemy to make your team win.

As in the previous paintball modalities, the field will be divided in two. Each team has its base and must defend it while the enemy tries to reach it. To achieve this, a frantic battle of paintballs will begin. The objective is to win and to do so you will have to touch the opponent’s base without being hit by anyone.

Will you be the one to hunt the groom or will you escort him?

The physician

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    Think fast

    You have to make good decisions, because with one mistake, you can expose yourself and you can be eliminated playing paintball.


    We are 100% sure that you will have an unforgettable experience with many anecdotes to tell. If you take the paintball+ bbq pack, you will talk about the experience while listening to your own music.


    You will have many pictures of your experience playing paintball, our monitors will help you to remember your day in our field.

    Give the gift of experience

    Organize the birthday of your friend or child playing paintball. Talk to us and we will make it a different and fun celebration.


    The key to victory lies in ball management during the game.

    Paintball in Madrid

    We are 25 minutes from Madrid on the M-501. And 5 minutes from Villanueva de la Cañada, where Aquopolis is located.

    A different scenario

    Our mixed scenario

    If you stay on a parapet you will have the advantage of being well covered, but they can get to you without you seeing them. Parapets are not 100% safe, you can get a ball if it goes through the exact hole. In Paintball el Marqués you will discover paintball scenery in Madrid where you will think the most. The winner here is the one who manages the balls better, who thinks faster and uses the best tactics.

    The best tactical paintball scenery in Madrid

    Our tactical scenario

    It is a scenario with several houses and a common area with a trailer, a water tank and different parapets. Each house has several doors and many windows, so that if you enter one, your opponent does not know where you are going to go out or where you are going to look out. You will also release a lot of adrenaline as you may have an enemy around the corner, and meet him face to face.

    A different scenario

    Our mixed scenario

    The winner here is the one who manages the best speed and tactics, i.e. thinking fast and well. If you stay in a parapet you will have the advantage of being well covered, but they can get to you without you seeing them. Parapets are not 100% safe, you can get a ball if it goes through the exact hole. The paintball scenario in Madrid where you will think the most.

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