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A fun experience with benefits

Nothing feels as good as being outdoors enjoying a session of games to stimulate the body and mind.

Would you like to give your children the opportunity to spend a fun-filled day? With a paintball session for kids you have it guaranteed.

If you are looking for a surprising gift to start the year with recharged batteries, if you think your children could use a day in nature playing and laughing while living an unforgettable experience, then surely a day of mini paintball is what you are looking for.

One of children’s favorite pastimes is outdoor physical activity! It seems that the little ones only know how to distract themselves with virtual games, we think that they no longer have fun playing as usual, outdoors, with friends, on the move, but it is what they enjoy the most and the best for their health and emotional stability.

Playing Paintball in nature you will enjoy like never before, letting off adrenaline with your friends, organizing teams and elaborating strategies. After the holidays, many children want to get back together with their friends, whether from school or the neighborhood, and reconnecting with an intense day of play can be memorable.

Benefits of playing outdoors

Your child probably spends a lot of time in the classroom, and much of their daily life is indoors. Encouraging him to spend time playing outdoors helps his motor, sensory, social and cognitive development, and is excellent for his overall health and well-being.

We know that playing outdoors is great for helping children enhance their physical abilities, preventing diseases such as obesity or diabetes. Creativity and imagination are also enhanced, since being in an open environment, the surprise factor sharpens ingenuity much more than home games. They become more autonomous children, more awake, more empowered and able to find solutions on their own. In addition, if they are shy, it helps them in their social relationships and they become more open.

Another benefit of playing painball is group work, learning to play in a group will exercise your ability to cooperate and collaborate with others, handle frustration, help others and the common good.

Being outdoors also helps to connect with nature and the environment. You can take the opportunity to go out together and talk to your child about the natural world. For example, how plants grow, the change of seasons or the migration of birds.

Paintball for children

Keeping kids involved in something other than video games and computers can be difficult. But what better way to entice kids to get out of the house than to let them get messy shooting paintballs?

Paintball is a sport that became popular in the early 1980s and has quickly gained a huge international presence. But, paintball is not just a game for kids, both men and women regularly compete in teams and against each other on the same playing field.

Fortunately, at our Paintball in Madrid we have excellent facilities to take the kids, tweens and teens so they can let off some steam and participate in an exciting game of paintball. Running around an outdoor terrain, dodging obstacles, feeling the thrill of competition, dodging paintballs, strategizing as a group, can be a great way to make a family outing, group event or birthday party more fun and enjoyable.

We offer our facilities for the little ones to enjoy playing outdoors without any problem. If safety is a concern, you can rest assured that we offer energy efficient equipment for all paintball games so there is no chance of injury. We will provide them with Paintball equipment suitable for their age. It consists of a specific protective mask for its use, overalls with neck protections and other reinforcements, gloves, extra protective bibs and the special marker with smaller caliber balls for children from 7 to 13 years of age.

In addition to each game we offer: water, a Tipmann marker model JT Splatmaster Z200 specifically for children, ammunition and extra hours of play.

This family owned and operated venue aims to provide players of all levels the opportunity to hone their paintball skills. The minimum age to play paintball is 7 years old, and players under 18 must have a signed authorization from a parent or guardian.

This 2019 give the gift of fun to your children in our Paintball facilities in Quijorna, 25 minutes from Madrid. You can make a reservation through our contact page or contact us if you have any previous questions.

Improve your child’s development through paintball!

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