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Paintball for schools

Paintball may not seem like a very educational activity. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is an ideal pastime for all ages if you have the protection and specialized personnel.
Organizing a paintball game with schoolmates from different classes or between parents and teachers are some of the possible options.

Here are the main points we talked about in this article, if you want you can go directly to what interests you most.

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Paintball in Quijorna, Madrid

What is paintball?

Paintball is a sport inspired by hunting. In its beginnings it was used to train and perfect hunting skills. Later it became popular as a hobby open to all people who want to have a good time outdoors with large doses of action and excitement.

All participants carry a marker gun loaded with paintballs . Broadly speaking, the objective is to stain the opponent with paint and prevent him from staining us.

The game is played with colored markers that are assigned to the different teams. It is no longer so much inspired by hunting sports, but it is possible to make different game proposals, depending on the number of participants and their interests: Conquer the fort, Central flag, The last survivor, among others.

Paintball, the best experience

Plans for everyone

Paintball is a sport open to all people who want to disconnect and have a good time. It is not even necessary to have a large number of participants:

Anyone can enjoy the outdoors, the laughter and the games we propose in a safe way and in the middle of nature.

The most fun activity

Why come with your school?

At Paintball El Marqués we have the ideal equipment for the little ones. With us, paintball is not only fun, but safe for everyone.

Children can play paintball, either with family or friends. Coming with the school is a great way to get to know each other better or to get out of the routine.

When it comes to activities with children, El Marqués adapts to the needs of the little ones as well:

  • We work with JT Splatmaster Z200 marking pistols , designed for small people.
  • The markers are lighter and more suitable for comfortable use.
  • They are spring-loaded. They do not carry compressed air to avoid injuries, but the sensation will be the same as the older ones. They will have a great time anyway!
  • The paintballs are smaller in size.
  • The paint is biodegradable and non-toxic because we know that some Benjamins like to try everything.

In addition, we always have personnel on hand to ensure that safety measures are complied with. In this way we prevent the most common risks:

  • A mask is used to protect the face (eyes, nose and mouth). Paintball El Marqués masks are approved and designed to withstand direct impacts from paintballs without damage.
  • The torso is protected with an addition, so that your clothes don’t get dirty and the game is more fun, you will wear a camouflage jumpsuit that will also protect you from the impacts of the paint.
  • Other essential protections are in the neck, back, gloves, among others.

Our protective equipment is available in various sizes and we will help you choose the one that best suits you and your friends or family.

Now that it is clear that it is a safe activity, we will also highlight other advantages of paintball:

  • Children or teenagers can come with their friends and fight a duel with sportsmanship and good vibes.
  • They have sufficient space for recreation.
  • They learn to play as a team.
  • They develop different social skills, for example, leadership and cooperation.
  • They are outdoors and experience nature in a different way.
  • It is played in mixed teams.
  • They practice physical exercise without almost realizing it.
  • Paintball stimulates strategic skills.
  • They can celebrate any type of event, such as a birthday, or simply spend a different afternoon.
  • It is a sport, a healthy and safe entertainment.
  • It is a great escape valve for stress by generating adrenaline and dopamine.

At Paintball El Marqués you can enjoy the spectacular panoramic views of the Guadarrama and Gredos mountain ranges, less than half an hour from Madrid. In our facilities there are several scenarios. You will always find new unforgettable experiences.

Our instructors will make sure they are equipped with all the protections from masks to gloves and will check that they are hydrated from time to time. In addition, monitors are in charge of teaching the rules and overseeing the smooth running of the activities. They will love the discipline, even if they don’t know it yet!

Paintball Games

What activities are included?

We have a lot of themes and games, but there are always some that stand out for their popularity or strategic difficulty. These four are just a sample of the possibilities offered by Paintball El Marqués:

Conquer the fort

The game consists of taking over the opposing team’s fort within a specific time limit. We must avoid at all costs that the opponents reach us with paintballs and reject attempts to conquer ours.

Central flag

This mode consists of getting the flag that is in the center and taking it to your team’s field without being reached by the “enemies”. This is a very strategic game, as one player will pick up the flag, but his teammates will have to make sure that he does not receive fire from the opponents.

The last survivor

This game is a free-for-all and the winner is the one who survives without paint once everyone else has fallen.

Pueblo del Oeste

One of our scenarios is a town in the American West. This variant of “Conquer the Fort” adds the classic charm of the “cowboys and Indians” games played by parents and grandparents.

Haven’t seen your favorite game?Check out what other games we offer!

Paintball Games

How should I wear?

Apart from a lot of desire to have a great time, you only need a couple of things:

  • Comfortable clothing that allows you to run, crawl, jump and enjoy without restricting your movements. For example, sportswear, leggings, tracksuits, technical clothing, a T-shirt, a sweatshirt, depending on the weather.
  • Footwear with good ankle support that does not rub or bother you. It is important that it is not heavy so that you can give the best of yourself.

We take care of everything else for you: overalls in different sizes from size 2XS, chest and back protectors, special masks for the little ones,

With all the relevant safety measures in place, fun is guaranteed for everyone. Would you like to go paintballing with your classmates?

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