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Are you about to get married? No Do you have a clear idea of how to celebrate your bachelor party? A friend is getting married and you want to organize something different? We propose a healthy and super fun alternative that everyone who tries it likes it. Something you can enjoy without regrets of nothing the next day.

We are all familiar with the traditional bachelor parties, lots of revelry, costumes of dubious taste and wild nights (probably to forget) that can take their toll. Why not give your farewell party an original and fun touch that you can also show to your partner without fear that he or she will leave you the next day?

A bachelor party is the best day for the bride and groom before the wedding. their wedding. Everyone gets together with their friends to celebrate that bachelorhood is coming to an end. end and enter into another stage of life, that of marriage.

From the way some people celebrate it, it seems rather that the world is going to end the next day and they have to do it in a single day. night what they would do in 100. Think about it, do you want something to remember or something to forget?

Make your bachelor or bachelorette party something unforgettable!

An unforgettable farewell in Madrid

Paintball has become a leading option for celebrating bachelor parties. It’s a fact, the most popular bachelor parties in the world are the memorable and fun combine 3 key attributes: bonding with friends, excitement and being able to remember the experience.

A wedding is serious and getting married can be the most beautiful thing you do. a couple who love each other. Demonstrate to their loved ones that they are already officially an engaged couple. But just because it is serious, does not imply that celebrations have to be, of course not! In fact, the farewells They have to be fun and all attendees have a great time.

In recent years, Madrid has become the epicenter of the of many bachelors and bachelorettes who come to the capital city in search of fun and leisure activities offered by the city.

Would you like to celebrate your bachelor party in Madrid, but you don’t want to repeat what you have done before? does everyone? Are you looking for a different plan to surprise your friend who is getting married? At Paintball el Marqués we offer you the option of spending a fun day out with your friends playing the paintball game that will hooks everyone who tries it.

We welcome all types of groups, including groups with the entire couple, because the couple that has fun together, stays together.

If you want to make your farewell in Madrid, we are in Quijorna, a town 40 minutes from the capital. In our field you will be able to spend a day unforgettable paintball game with your group of friends.

The perfect paintball plan, hunt the groom

To make your farewell party unique, we offer you an unforgettable plan. to enjoy with friends, full of excitement, companionship and in a very pleasant natural environment.

Paintball is a fun and healthy game that requires a certain amount of physical effort, stimulates the fast thinking, concentration and group work. You can play it all the world, although to be the best, it takes a little bit of skill and dexterity.

It is carried out by simulating a match in which two opposing teams try to reach the stipulated target by shooting paintballs at each other. them.

Whether you are from Madrid, or from abroad, we offer you our fun pack for bachelor and bachelorette parties all in one.

Among our fun games we have the special for bachelor parties “Hunt the groom”.

In this game two sides will be made to make a suggestive item. The groom/bride will become the object to be beaten for one of the sides, and you will be escorted by your own side, so be careful which side you get into lest you lose a friend!

The objective will be to reach the base without being overtaken by “the enemy”.

We will provide complete equipment for all attendees. The groom will wear a blue helmet so that at all times it will be known who he is. And depending on the price plan you choose, you will have 100, 200 or 300 balls to start with.

And for the more creative ones, you can decorate the scene to your liking. If you want to give the bride and groom a surprise with balloons, garlands or joke items, we leave it to your choice.

Are you sure? Do you want to celebrate your farewell with us? Make your reservation as soon as possible and come to spend the most fun day of your life.