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Paintball game

The best time for outdoor activities

Summer is over! Gone are the eternal days, the heat and the good weather, the vacations, and the time spent outdoors with family and friends. The days get shorter, the temperatures drop, we return to routine and our home becomes the most desirable place on the planet.

partida de paintball

However, autumn is the ideal time to enjoy the outdoors. It is possible to go out at any time of the day without suffering the suffocating summer heat or fearing low temperatures. It is enough to go a few kilometers away from the center of Madrid and leave the comfort of your couch to enjoy the beautiful colors that flood the landscape and breathe the fresh air.

Hiking, horseback riding, quad biking, water sports… Outdoor activities are a great way to spend time with your family and friends. However, if you are looking to enjoy in a group, the best option is paintball.

Paintball in Quijorna, Madrid

Paintball, the best experience

Paintball is a fantastic sport that combines exercise, contact with nature and, above all, fun. Among the many qualities and benefits of paintball, the main one is that it is practiced in a group, so that two teams face each other in a healthy and sporting way.

During the game, the skills and strategies of each of the participants will come into play, who must work as a team, promoting teamwork, coordination and group cohesion while eliminating opponents to achieve the ultimate goal: the flag.

However, within paintball we can find numerous variants, modalities and games that will make each game an unforgettable, unique and not at all monotonous experience. Some of the most popular games are Conquest of the Fort and Infiltrator, but there are many more!

Regardless of the modality you decide to play, one of the keys to paintball is the management of the balls during the development of the game, as they are limited. Your team’s chances of victory will be drastically reduced if you run out of ammunition with which to attack your opponents.

partida de paintball

Beyond the rules of the game, paintball is a sport that generates numerous rewarding sensations, ranging from joy to excitement and adrenaline, to endless laughter and fun.

For all these reasons, paintball represents an ideal game to practice with a large number of participants, being ideal for groups of friends and families. In addition, paintball is not limited in terms of gender and age, as it is a great sport to practice paintball for children.

In our facilities, located in Quijorna (five minutes from Villanueva de la Cañada), we have several paintball scenarios to put you to the test. Each of them has different characteristics in which you will have to think and develop different game tactics, but adrenaline generation is assured in all of them!

In addition, as we want the unforgettable experience you have lived with us to become a fantastic memory that you can show off, you will have many photographs that our monitors will take of you playing paintball.

Make a full day of it!

Paintball, the best experience

It is more than proven that when you are having fun, and with paintball the fun is guaranteed, time flies by. That’s why Paintball El Marqués wants to help you to extend that feeling of happiness and adrenaline before going back home by giving you the opportunity to choose our paintball pack.

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