Weekend motorcycle ride and paintball in the mountains of Madrid

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Whether you like motorcycles or you have biker buddies, a weekend getaway in the mountains of Madrid is an unbeatable pleasure. And now you can also combine it with a group paintball game: motorcycle route + paintball in the mountains of Madrid.

If you are a biker this plan is for you. And if you are not, you can join this great experience.

At the end of the week we all want to do something to motivate us and take us out of the daily routine. Many take the car and go outside Madrid. But not everyone wants to be car-dependent, especially if you love nature or the outdoors. In Madrid there are many places to enjoy the outdoors and also roads that, on a motorcycle, you can travel easily.

The western mountain range of Madrid is a preferred area for many motorcyclists. because of its location close to the capital, since several routes run through it.

Motorcycling is a activity that is very enjoyable solo, but riding in a group, either with friends on a Sunday morning walk or on an organized rally of friends and motorcycles, it is the essence of motorcycling.

Why do you like riding motorcycles so much? For the freedom you feel? For flexibility in transit? For the adrenaline? For the health benefits? Riding a motorcycle is fun for many reasons, but it also provides multiple benefits. That is why it is a passion for many people.

No need to look for excuses to go out on a motorcycle. Any day is a good day. And, above all, if it’s the weekend and it’s time to disconnect.

Do you usually meet up with your biker friends?

There are few things more fun than going on a road trip with friends.

Moments of fun and fellowship. In addition, the motorcycle is very beneficial, it is like going to the gym, but outdoors. You get a lot of experience driving on two wheels, you should try it!

When assembling, a full body workout that burns between 200-300 calories per hour, and even more so if you are driving upwind. Maneuvering the motorcycle involves virtually every muscle in the body and improves tone.

Steering and maintaining balance is better than any abdominal activity (at least it’s less forced). The continuous corrections and movements you make add up to an excellent physical and mental exercise, because our reflexes are constantly put to the test.

Benefits of playing paintball

If we add the benefits of riding a motorcycle to those of playing paintball, the pack is complete.

In reality, paintball and motorcycling are complementary. Both are outdoor activities and serve to discharge energy, and their benefits are therefore maximized. With paintball is a strategic sport that involves physical and mental ability, and also promotes teamwork, concentration, companionship and self-esteem.

These aspects, together with the values that usually motivate bikers, make it a very suitable game. to combine it with a motorcycle route.

Imagine enjoying a morning route from Madrid to the mountains of Avila, crossing the route of the marshes of Madrid and back to play paintball, a pleasure!

A plan for gamer bikers: motorcycle route + painball

Do you know the route of the marshes?

Along the M-522 and M-522 roads M-501 from Madrid, runs the so-called route of the marshes, a classic between bikers in the Community of Madrid.

You can leave from different points and join one of the highways to make the route stopping at the different marshes. For example, in El Puerto de Pelayos de la from there continue to the San Juan reservoir, in San Martín de Valdeiglesias.

On weekends it is a key point for many motorcycling enthusiasts who continue on the route to the province of Avila.

Given the proximity of our Paintball El Marqués site to the M-522, it is the ideal place to make a combo of motorcycle and paintball game. That’s why we propose the coolest plan of the weekend: motorcycle route through San Martín de Valdeiglesias + paintball game for teams.

An extraordinary pretext to complete a group motorcycle outing.

What does the paintball plan consist of?

The plan we propose is that you meet with your group of friends to “make the route of the marshes” from the morning and, on the way back, stop at our paintball enclosure to “play a game” to the most famous paintball game.

If you have any doubts or want to make a reservation, contact the best paintball in Madrid.