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Playing paintball as a family is a healthy and fun activity.

Playing with the family is a lot of fun and even better if it is outdoors. Playing painball as a family, spending a day together sharing a group game, is very rewarding for them and also for the parents. Would you like to try it?

Staying physically active with your family is one of the most important ways to great way to be healthy and make exercise fun. ¿A who doesn’t like to play games and spend an entertaining afternoon with an activity or group experience?

Most families end up getting tired of doing the same thing. always the same. Children demand a lot of energy and require a lot of activity. stimulants that keep them entertained and busy.

For many parents, it is not easy to know which activities they can good for their children. Most of them end up taking them for walks, to the park or to play with their friends, but it is good to have family activities that promote group cohesion, the involvement of everyone in the game.

The more time children spend doing a high-value activity with their parents, the more benefits it will have for the child’s long-term development.

Quality of time vs. quantity

Spending quality time with your children is critical to their emotional development.

Between work and the responsibilities of life, the days go by in the blink of an eye. Work, the house, errands… many parents worry about not spending enough time with their children. Some parents feel guilty about working full time, or experience anxiety to go to the gym or go out to dinner with friends from time to time and not be with their children.

Lack of time is the evil of our days. It is good to spend as much time as possible with the children so that we don’t lose sight of the escape between the hands, but without drama and guilt. If there is no time to We can think about how to spend less time, but more quality time.

Recent studies question the impact of the quality of time parents spend with their children and show that it is more a question of quality than quantity. Children need high quality time with their parents, that is what is most beneficial for them and what can have a positive effect as they grow up. It’s not about having a lot of free hours, what really matters is how you choose to spend that time together.

Paintball in family, the healthiest entertainment

Designed to focus on the smallest players, in its safety and shock minimization. Family paintball is a great way to perfect entertainment for all members to have a day out. fun releasing energy and excitement in spurts.

Paintball for kids is a very exciting game for the little ones and make them feel important with their equipment. It will be an experience with multiple benefits for them.

We know that the children will be entertained for hours, obtaining all the exercise and fun they need. What better way to get them out of home to take them to the outdoors to run and develop strategies.

Children’s paintball is recommended for parties and celebrations, but any occasion is a good time to spend an afternoon with the family. and have fun together. In addition, during the game, the child’s imagination is teamwork, rapid reaction, and the ability to develop, participate in teamwork, rapid reaction, and the orientation. It is a good way of psychomotor learning.

Players can choose certain scenarios, such as military missions, etc., although the game is adapted for children’s use. See plays with easier, lighter equipment, smaller paintballs than the ones used in the and biodegradable. The markers that eject the balls do not use air. compressed, but the sensation for children is similar to that of adults.

Pleasant play, smiles and satisfaction are guaranteed.

In our Paintball in Madrid we make sure that your day becomes a great celebration. Do you dare to spend an unforgettable afternoon of games?