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Paintball Birthday

How many times has your child’s birthday arrived and you have prepared a plan for him and his friends that in your opinion was spectacular, but they were not completely convinced? In our paintball field you will find everything you want for them without giving up anything of what they like the most. Paintball brings together everything a child could want to have a good time and also everything a parent wants for their child to have fun in a safe and healthy way.

The perfect place for your children's birthday parties

When you book paintball for kids at our facilities you will be able to get all the benefits mentioned above, not to mention some additional ones. Due to our location, you will be able to enjoy unparalleled views of the Guadarrama and Gredos mountains during the game. They will also have access to different scenarios that will make them have a great time.

They will be able to play “conquer the fort“, a game that consists of conquering the opposing team’s fort in a given time, trying to prevent their enemies from reaching them and conquering theirs. Or the “central flag“, a game in which both teams will have to try to catch a flag placed in the center and carry it to their field without being attacked by the opposing team.

This game requires strategy and, above all, teamwork, since only one of the children will be the one to take the flag and the rest must escort him to get there without being hit by any of the opposing team’s bullets.

You will also have the option to play alone and try to be the last survivor among all the players or, if you prefer, you can play in a recreation of a western town where you will have to protect your base and eliminate your enemies.

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    Unique experience

    Our passion is paintball and we want to share it with you. That’s why we have specialized monitors and staff that will make your experience in our paintball field in Madrid something unique.

    Children's birthdays

    Special equipment for children

    While it is true that the marking pistols used in this sport are classified as weapons and it is not legally possible for children under 14 years of age to use them, we have special markers with modifications for any age.

    The children’s markers we work with, the JT Splatmaster Z200, are specifically designed for them. They are lighter in weight than the usual ones, are spring-loaded and use a 50-gauge ball that is much smaller than the traditional ones, as well as being non-toxic and biodegradable. With this small caliber of the balls, combined with the modifications in the markers, we achieve a less powerful impact , so the risk is also lower.

    All children, as well as adults, will be provided with all the equipment specially designed to avoid impacts during our games. We will provide you with camouflage coveralls, gloves, chest, neck and back protectors and masks in different sizes so that you can choose the most appropriate for your size. In addition, we will make sure that they do not neglect their hydration and drink water frequently.

    Paintball benefits

    In addition to all the fun your children will enjoy, there are a number of health benefits, often unknown, that they can take advantage of without even being aware of it.

    Mental agility

    Paintball is a game that requires developing plans and strategies, and this will bring several benefits to your children.

    To begin with, they will learn to work in a team by realizing that it is more advantageous than working alone. They will learn to organize themselves, to respect the leader’s authority and to relate correctly with other children. These skills will strengthen their self-esteem and self-confidence.

    In case the leadership role falls on them, they will learn to make the right decisions for the good of the team, to make quick decisions under pressure and to hone their analytical skills. Strategy and teamwork will become one of their strengths both on and off the field.

    Outdoor sports

    This game is still a sport with all the benefits it offers when played in open spaces. Children have sufficient extension to run and are required to perform activities such as crouching, crawling, jumping or running in very short times. In one game they will be able to tone both arms and legs, improve their resistance and even help them to control obesity, as long as they practice it regularly.

    Reduce stress

    Although it may seem that this point is more focused on adults, your children have more periods of stress than you realize. Paintball games for kids are such an exciting and intense activity that it also helps them generate adrenaline and dopamine, which will make them happier and less stressed.

    A complete set

    Celebrating your children’s birthday with paintball games for kids is one of the best options for them as well as for you, since it is a fun and educational activity.

    The children will be completely protected, they will have a monitor exclusively for them, they will develop discipline by having to abide by the rules of the game and the team leader’s guidelines, they will exercise and have the time of their lives.

    Opt for a different birthday

    If you want your children to enjoy the best birthday of their lives, celebrate it with a game of paintball. They will be entertained, play sports and at the same time learn teamwork and discipline. With equipment specially designed for their age, they will be safe and protected while having a great time.

    Cumpleaños en el paintball

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