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Precios de Paintball para adultos

Pack Balls Price
Initiation 100 balls 20 €/adult
Basic 200 balls 24 €/adult
Recommended 300 balls 28 €/adult
Soldier 400 balls 32 €/adult

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Marcadora Paintball en Madrid

Offer 12+1

Play Paintball for FREE if you bring 12 friends!

For the little ones

Paintball prices for children

Play time Price per child
1 hour game (unlimited balls) 17 €/child
1:30 hour of play (unlimited balls) 20 €/child
2 hours of play (unlimited balls) 24 €/child
Children and adults with children's markers

Family paintball prices

Playing time Price per child Price per adult
1 hour of play (unlimited balls) 17 €/child 20 €/adult
1:30 hour of play (unlimited balls) 20 €/child 23 €/adult
2 hours of play (unlimited balls) 24 €/child 27 €/adult
* An adult is considered to be 16 years of age or older.