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Dare to know paintball!

This may be the first time you have heard the name of this activity or you may have heard it in passing in a conversation or two. One way or the other, it is time to get to know all that this modern sport has to offer.

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Historia del paintball
The beginning

The history of paintball

Let’s start with the name, which already gives us a clue as to what this exercise consists of. It is a compound word from the union of two English words; paint, paint and ball, ball. The country of origin is the USA and the date, the decade of the 70s. It could be said that it is a fairly modern sport since its tradition spans only a little over 50 years. However, what was its evolution process? In the strategic field it was used for hunting practices in order to gain mastery in its execution and dexterity. However, there is also an anecdote that tells that the
paintball games
arose on a workday when two farmers were pointing a paintball gun at trees and cattle around their territory. Suddenly, one of them inadvertently shot his partner, they became animated and discovered that it was quite a fun game.

The marker was originally a gun for marking cattle.

From a simple game to worldwide expansion

From there, the search began to find a way to start turning it into a practicable sport. The pistol was a cumbersome tool whose purpose was for work, so it was necessary to look for a model that could be used in a recreational environment. It was in 1981 that this situation became a reality. A group of friends used the markers for the sole purpose of having fun and the first paintball game was born, although at the time it was called the National Survival Game. Subsequently, people started hearing about this peculiar activity and a year later the first paintball field in history was created. However, it was an informal method of play, with almost no specialization and very basic. It consisted of two teams, each with markers and paintballs of different colors and whose only objective was to stain the opposing team with your color without them hitting you. It is at this moment when we begin to look for a way to professionalize it and create an industry around it. In 1984, the first enclosed playground would emerge and protection methods began to be used to ensure the safety of the participants without sacrificing fun.

In 1992, the first paintball field was opened in Madrid.

The same year that the first National Paintball League appeared in the USA, the sport made its way to Spain. Techniques were improved and specially designed markers with improved accuracy and performance were introduced. Gradually, the sport also gained popularity in our country and the first competitions and leagues appeared. Outdoor and indoor playgrounds were also opened throughout the territory. In the 21st century, thousands of people are practicing it and the number of invented modalities is increasing. Now you can enjoy this sport all kinds of people regardless of age or sex in the new modalities of paintball for children and adults in Madrid.
paintball for children and adults in Madrid.

What is the reason for paintball's success?

Each person may have a more or less clear opinion on this issue. And in fact, there may be numerous options that once you try this sport, many will decide to repeat. The location of the venues also comes into play, which are increasingly modern and close to large cities, as is our case, just 25 minutes from the capital, we are a successful option for the paintball in Madrid. However, there are common factors that make it an increasingly attractive activity for everyone.

  • First of all, it is a team sport that allows you to have a good time with teammates and friends.
  • It is a game that combines strategy, to be able to mark your opponents and at the same time action, as if it were a battlefield, you have to avoid getting hit and not lose yourself or your allies.
  • Being in constant movement, you will be doing a wide range of physical activity and the adrenaline will make boredom a thing of the past.
  • It is an exciting, lively and active experience.
The game of paintball

Much more than shooting your opponent

Without losing the initial essence of this sport, over the last few years new game modalities have been created to continue enjoying the game to the maximum. Here are some ideas that our monitors have carefully designed.


Conquer the fort

As the name indicates, there is a fort inside the field that must be conquered within a certain time. You have to reach the structure before the opposing team reaches you.


Central flag

The teams will stand facing each other and must catch the flag in the middle of the field before anyone from the opposing team.


The infiltrator

Someone has broken into the opposing team and must be discovered. Will you be able to cross the border without getting caught?


Hunting the groom or escorting the king

Ideal for bachelor parties. There are two sides, one in charge of protecting the groom and the other of escorting him. Each must defend his or her role to the end.

Now it's your turn...

Paintball history continues

Maybe after knowing the secrets of this sport and its history we still haven’t convinced you to try it with us. That’s why we guarantee fun whether you come with your group of friends, your business partners or your family. In addition, we have modern and comfortable equipment, adjusted to your needs, so that you can enjoy the best possible way. We know that safety is important, so you will wear protective clothing, helmet and goggles at all times. All the equipment is supervised before each game and our monitors will make sure that it is correctly positioned before the game starts. Do not hesitate any longer and dare to live a different day with emotions that you will not find anywhere else and of course, without having to go far away from the capital so that the distance is not a problem. It’s time to add experiences and without a doubt, one of the best options is to start with paintball.

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